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Picture Book Review Robert Munsch and Michael Kusugak, illustrated by Vladyana Krykarka. A Promise is a Promise

A localized children's book for Western Alaska, this picture book depicts a world few people will ever see of truely rural villages with only a few hundered people for dozens of miles. A Promise is a Promise tells the story of Allashua, who goes out to go fishing on the ice against her parents wishes where she is kiddnapped by some sea women called Quallupilluit.
Beautifully illustrated the opening pages show her seperation from the rest of her family by seperating her on a seperat page with no background information she stands alone.
The Quallupilluit are beautifully illustrated and imaginative, beautiful enough to avoid being overly frightining but with crabs in their hair and skulls hidden in their coats to give them a truely sinister quality.
The Quallupilluit let Allashua go in return for the promise that she will return with her brothers and sisters. On returning home she warms herself in bed with her parents. The warmth of the scene  and love is shown by the beautiful surroundings. The picture of the teddy bear on top helps to drive home the vonrability of Allushua.
The parents think of a plan to allow their children to escape the clutches of the Quallupilluit, and so distract them when they come over with dance and food. The Quallupilluits child like proporsions help us to understand their gullability.
This picture book is brilliantly illustrated, it has a unique brightness and a soft gental feel.