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Picture Book Review-Simon James-The Birdwatchers

This picture book was created in the style of nature sketchers, those people who only have a few moments to make an impression of the world, and so with quick ink strokes and some quick watercolor layout a scene.
With the page layouts split between the character telling the story (Jess) and Jess's Grandfather. The Grandfather in this case is a bird watcher.
Simon uses the layout of the picture book as one of his primary elements for just as Jess comes to the important choice going bird watching both pages are herin thought. Then the book jumps to a double page spread as she enters the nature with her Grandfather. The large format of the book allows one to take in the whole of nature around the characters. And to see the emptyness that Jess sees at first.
This contrasts nicely with the energy of the double spread when they finally do get to see birds.
This picture book is fairly well writen and nicely illustrated, though its interest level will likely very greatly among children.